Coach Collaboration Creates Continuous Coaching Success

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2009

Successful coaches understand the power of collaboration. They know that, every time a single coach builds a thriving practice, all coaches benefit. How? Coaching becomes more visible and more people comprehend the value of our services.

With billions of potential clients around the world, there is plenty of business for all coaches. Successful coaches refuse to be distracted by social programming that promotes competition. In a world that so desperately needs coaching skills, competition is an outdated, old paradigm that is crumbling like a clump of dried mud.

Thriving coaches are empowered by their confidence and their sense of personal responsibility. They know their talents, wisdom, experience, and skills are a constant source of abundance and joy. They know they are always connected to potential clients and other resources. Because they are not functioning within a framework of lack or limitation, they’re excited about collaboration.

All of this begins with coaching confidence. When you grow your coaching self-esteem, your heart spontaneously and effortlessly connects you with clients who’ve been eagerly waiting your arrival. Once these people discover you, they are drawn to you like bees to honey.

Edna Johnson is an excellent coach and a brilliant creative writer who graciously shares her wisdom with other coaches. You may see some of her pearls of wisdom on coaching websites. With Edna’s permission, here is a brief excerpt from a story she wrote recently  after an advanced Confident Coach Connection coaching class.

“My Aha! moment today was thinking about being a 7-inch frog straining to leap up a 9-inch step.  I’ve sometimes felt this way about becoming a certified coach. At best, a little 7-inch frog can only jump as high as 7 inches, so a 9″ step seemed insurmountable. It felt like the effort to hurtle the step would exhaust the little frog. Then I expanded my thinking. What if another frog came along? The two frogs could play leapfrog and jump up the entire staircase. They would forget that it was supposed to be impossible to jump up the 9″ stair. They could make their goal an adventure and playfully explore the pond around the step together instead of feeling like they were individual frogs faced with an impossible task and endless work.  They could be curious, like a good coach. All of a sudden, I was no longer afraid regarding how to become a certified coach. The journey to certification isn’t about jumping through hoops. It’s a fun quest!”

Collaborative coaches are using their intentions to support each other to create a perfect circle of light around the world. We are helping each other leapfrog forward by using collaborative mastermind groups. We think of ourselves as tuning forks. When one coach sends supportive intentions to another and that coach does the same, a tone much more beautiful and powerful than the original coach is created.

With an organized international group of coaches, the power of “one for all” rapidly travels across the world. Each positive intention magnifies through group effort. The torch of light is given from one coach to the next and the next, growing stronger and more brilliant with every leapfrog forward. By the time the positive feelings boomerang back to the original coach, they are a thousand times stronger than the initial intention of that coach.

Pause for a moment and reflect on the magnificence of what so many coaches are consciously co-creating. We help each other while we elevate the entire profession of coaching.  This is the loveliest and purest form of power on this planet . . . and it’s all about collaboration.

How do you think the momentum we are building can become even stronger? There are no limits except illusions created by limited thinking. The “one for all” approach produces profound freedom and success.

I hope this article helps you feel deeply connected to an ongoing coaching support system that will help you shine your very special light on a planet that is hungry for your special talents. Just imagine what we can to do as a united force for positive change!

Doris Helge, Ph.D., is an IAC and CTA certified coach, coach mentor and founder of the IAC-licensed training school, Confident Coach Connection. She also created the New Coach Virtual Chapter of IAC and other mastermind groups that boost coaching confidence and collaboration. Discover more at and

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