Coaches Collaborate for Continuous Success

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2009

Edna Johnson is an excellent coach and a student in an advanced coaching class provided by Confident Coach Connection.  Edna is also a brilliant creative writer who graciously shares her wisdom. So, with Edna’s permission, here is a brief excerpt from a story she wrote after one of our classes. Here are Edna’s words:

“My Aha! moment today was thinking about being a 7-inch frog straining to leap up a 9-inch step.  I’ve sometimes felt this way about becoming a certified coach.

At best, a little 7-inch frog can only jump as high as 7 inches so a 9″ step can be daunting. It felt like all the effort to hurtle the step would exhaust the little frog.

Then I expanded my thinking using IAC Mastery #8, “Expanding the Client’s Potential.” What if another frog came along? The two frogs could play leapfrog and jump up the entire staircase before they remembered that jumping up the 9″ stair was supposed to be impossible.

They could make their goal an adventure and playfully explore the pond around the step together instead of feeling like they were individual frogs faced with an impossible task and endless work.  They could be curious, like a good coach.

All of a sudden, I was no longer afraid of becoming a certified coach. The journey to certification is no longer about jumping through hoops. It’s an enjoyable quest!

The New Coach Virtual Chapter of IAC provides you with a splendid opportunity to build your confidence and enjoy YOUR journey to certification. Discover a wealth of new resources at Enjoy leapfrogging to your certification success more easily and quickly by collaborating with other coaches.

Take advantage of the New Coach Virtual Chapter Forum that was created just for you at You’ll find new posts daily. Just post your introduction and get to know coaches from around the world who will enjoy your company and share resources. Post your challenges and successes. Each time one coach moves forward, a groove in consciousness is cut so that other coaches can leapfrog ahead. It’s a beautiful, continuous cycle of group success.

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