Gain more support for you and your ideas

by Doris Helge, Ph.D. © 2012

In this article, you’ll be practicing more proven ways to make sure that your needs are met and both you and your ideas are supported. You’ll learn proven communication tools that will increase awareness of your unique strengths. Then you’ll be perceived as an essential, talented person who creatively solves problems.


Whether you’re talking to a coworker, employee, vendor or boss, always take steps to ensure that you’re viewed as part of the solution  –  not as the problem. Talk about “challenges” instead of “problems.”  Present possible solutions.

If you don’t have a solution to propose, suggest a way of determining one. Continue to make it clear that you’re concerned with the bigger picture instead of merely taking care of yourself.

Present your strengths and your data. Remember what you’ve been practicing about emphasizing how your contributions benefit everyone concerned. (You might say, “It’s beneficial to all of us that I have provided ______”).

When possible, specifically demonstrate how your performance boosts the organization’s image, bottom line, etc.

Tell your listeners what you need in order to do the best possible job for the organization.

Promise results you can truly deliver. State a realistic timeline, whenever possible.

Remember everyone concerned will gain more when you:

•   manage your weaknesses instead of focusing on how to correct them.

•   emphasize your strengths.

Just like when you learned to ride a bicycle, you’ll travel in the direction of your attention. Avoiding failure is about the best result you can obtain when you focus on your weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths instead, so you can do your best work.


Gain new resources by choosing phrases and words that develop awareness of what you’ve achieved and what you need to improve in the future.


Use the words “but” and “however” very carefully. These two words contradict the word or phrase that precedes them. Here’s an example.

If you say, “I got a lot done during the last six months, but I could have accomplished more if _______,” most listeners will think you said, “This person knows they should have done a better job.”

Notice the very different effect that occurs with one simple change . . . substituting the word “and” for but.” Example:

“I got a lot done during the last six months, and I can accomplish even more now if __________.”

The word “and” encourages your listener to adopt your line of thinking.  The word “now” also tells your listener, “Help this person now.”

This is also a good time to tell your listener exactly what else you need. Your sentence might be, “I got a lot done during the last six months, and I can accomplish even more when I have _________.” (Insert the specific resource you need to help you reach peak performance.)

When asking for assistance, remember the phrase, “Will you ________?” produces better results than “Would you _______?”

Consider saying, “______ is what I need so I can do my best for this organization.”


So far, we’ve concentrated on identifying and meeting your unmet needs when you’re working because you’ll never be happy or fulfilled until your needs are met. There are also many other key reasons most people aren’t happy at work.

The #1 Bestselling book, “Joy on the Job” fully describes over 365 ways you can create the joy and fulfillment you want when you’re working. Whether you’re self-employed, an employee or in a leadership position, you’ll discover how to:

• dramatically boost your joy, productivity and focus when you’re working.

• end “difficult people” dilemmas . . . forever.

• build a solid professional support system you can always depend on.

• shield yourself from negativity at work.

• surround yourself with a positive feedback system (including during performance reviews).

• claim your fair share of validation and rewards.

• stay calm in the midst of chaos and constant change.

• gain the work-life balance you want.

• turn your inner critic into an encouraging inner coach.

• manage job stress . . . and then prevent it in the future.

This is why “Joy on the Job” is often called “The Bible of Workplace Happiness” by bestselling authors like Mark Victor Hansen and Olympic Gold Medalist, Bill Uhl.

Thank you for reading this series of articles and loving yourself enough to use the exercises and techniques. I look forward to continuing to help you enjoy the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.


You Deserve Happiness at Work! Use proven strategies that have worked for thousands of people around the world.

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