Use “The Parallel Realities Trick” to
Quickly Re-gain Your Innate Calm Self

by Doris Helge, Ph.D., 2012


Are you ready to let go of unnecessary stress? If you want to discover how to quickly reconnect with your innate strength and balance . . . The Real You . . . become the star of your own alternate reality show. This will be easier than you probably think. In the process, you’ll receive fantastic benefits like greater success, more fulfilling relationships and improved health.

First, imagine that you’re living in a parallel reality. What’s that? You’ve may have seen movies with an alternate reality plot. During the drama, two realities simultaneously exist. An actor can live in two worlds at the same time or go back and forth between the two until the individual gains clarity like, “When I turn left, I’m tormented by grave danger, but when I turn right, I enjoy happiness and exciting adventures.” Or “In one life, I made a lot of money and met the love of my life because I followed my heart. In the alternate reality, I decided to focus only on money and died with the pain of deep regret.”

Every day, we have the power to choose a slight shift of mindset and enter an alternate parallel reality. As an illustration, when we’re surrounded by stressed-out people, most of us unconsciously allow our peaceful energy to be pierced by other people’s negativity (Choice A). You’re still reading, so I’m guessing you’d prefer to live in a state of contentment (Choice B).

Some tips will help you, including being aware of your own state of mind and how your mood is altered by the media, other people, etc. You can use some very simple techniques like the one in this article to reconnect with Your Innate Calm, Centered Self when you feel stressed by a challenge.

Choice B, The Path of Peace, is always available to you. This may be difficult to remember when you face a challenge and feel like tearing your hair out. In truth, the calm part of you doesn’t die or disappear just because you’re stressed. No matter how irritated or anxious you feel, no matter how turbulent your environment, you are always perfectly capable of reconnecting with Your True Self, which is your tranquil self. We never lose parts of our personality, no matter how detached from them we sometimes feel.


Enjoy this proven exercise the next time you long to reconnect with Your Authentic Calm Self. My clients tell me the quick, simple exercise I’m now sharing with you produces rapid relief. I’ve chosen to share this simple, easy strategy with you because it’s holistic. Since you engage your body, mind and spirit, you begin to create a new neural network (a much more enjoyable way of being in the world).

  1. Write your concern on a piece of paper. Briefly record what’s on your mind. What’s stressing you? This will help you stop focusing on a problem while you do this exercise.
  2. Rate your level of concern on a scale from 1-10 where:
    • 1  =  This matter isn’t worth being concerned about.
    • 5  =  This issue may be a problem but it may not be.
    • 10 = This is a very serious life challenge.
  3. Place your paper on the floor. You can pick it up again later, if you choose. Whatever you need to address will still be available to you after this exercise but it will be easier to resolve because you’ll reduce stress and gain clarity.
  4. Since most of us are unconsciously attached to struggle, notice any tendency to maintain your focus on the challenge. Don’t judge yourself for this human tendency. Just notice it and give yourself a compassionate smile.
  5. Set the intention to enjoy inner peace during the exercise because you know we make our best decisions when we’re calm and centered.
  6. Imagine being the star actor on a movie set in which you’re always blessed with infinite choices regarding your next steps. You can endlessly explore alternate realities until you discover your favorite way of experiencing the world. There is no pressure because you know, if we don’t like a choice we make, we can make a different decision. The feedback we gain helps us decide our next step.
  7. In your movie, you’re standing at a fork in the road. You can choose to travel east or west. Select one trail and imagine traveling some distance before you decide you don’t like that path. With your eyes still closed, imagine noticing clues that will help you learn from your experience. Examples:
    • Was your choice based on an old habit?
    • Did you avoid a new behavior because you wanted to steer clear of risk?
    • When you considered which path to take, did you wonder what other people would do or what they would expect you to do?
    • What other insights will help you learn from this experience?
  8. With your eyes still closed, notice which way your body is tilting. When you’re ready to create a new way of being by exploring a different path, gently turn your body the opposite direction. At the same time, make a statement out loud about the new path you’re choosing. (Example: “I’m ready to leave struggle behind and enjoy deep inner peace.”)
  9. Take three deep belly breaths.
  10. Continue to breathe deeply while you emphasize your exhalations. Imagine “resetting” your system by completely exhaling the results of Choice A. When you think you’ve fully exhaled, exhale a little more, and then a little more.
  11. Feel a deep sense of relief while you utter the sound “Ahhhh,” as a pleasurable, low moan. If possible, stand up and shake tension out of your arms and legs while you say “Ahhhhh.” If you’re not comfortable speaking out loud in your current environment, you’ll still gain significant value, even if you just softly whisper the sound, “Ahhhh” while you gently move your body. (By the way, there is also a lot of research about why the sound “Ahhhh” works so well.)
  12. Breathe normally and notice the difference in your level of concern about your situation. What do you know now that will help you more easily deal with future challenges? Even if you feel complete with your original issue, you’ve begun to retrain your brain with a delightful, healthy new pattern.

You’re just explored a proven process of change. You focused on your breath and used multiple senses to release stress while you reduced excess carbon dioxide. Because you now have more oxygen available, you’re calmer and you’re thinking more clearly. We’ve begun to create a new neural network in your brain. With practice, you’ll be able to instantly re-create a calm state whenever you feel challenged.


When you feel disappointed about circumstances in your life, ask yourself, “Do I love myself enough to allow my life to be free of unnecessary stress?” If your answer is “Yes,” make a decision to stop shoulding on yourself. This means dropping your expectations about how your ideal life “should be“. We self-sabotage when we rigidly cling to a certain picture instead of trusting our lives to unfold with flawless precision.

On the other hand, we gain abundant clarity and freedom when we approach life with the curiosity of a two-year old toddling around a brand new toy store. It’s amazing what happens when we sincerely ask ourselves curious, nonjudgmental questions like, “I wonder how my current situation is the perfect way for me to learn and grow?” and “I wonder how what’s happening is evidence that I’m in exactly the right place at the perfect time.”

I encourage my clients to keep notes when they doubt the perfection of their lives. It helps them “disprove doubt.” In this self-awareness process, they prove to themselves that they are always protected by unseen forces, including their intuition and Divine powers. Even though most of us define “The Divine” in our own way, Divinity is like the wind. We can’t see it or contain it in a butterfly net, but we absolutely feel the authenticity of an awesome support system that nurtures us 24/7. That’s why both of these supportive resources, our intuition and The Divine have been validated by a variety of scientific studies. When we remain open to the messenger, we receive precise clues on a need-to-know basis.

Are you ready to enjoy knowing and feeling the unseen forces that are assisting you every minute? If it’s sometimes difficult for you to release unnecessary stress and surrender to The Bigger Picture of Your Life, enjoy the resources I share with you in books like “Transforming Pain Into Power  –  Making the Most of Your Emotions” and “Joy on the Job” and in private coaching.

© 2012 Excerpted with permission from the #1 Bestselling book, “Transforming Pain Into Power” by Doris Helge, Ph.D. With over 20 years of experience, award-winning, Certified Master Coach Dr. Doris, has a proven track record of helping people like you Create Your New Life Story. Download your free ebooks and see client testimonials at

You may reprint this article as long as it remains intact and proper attribution is given.


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