Webinar: Turn Painful Experiences into Personal Power

During this presentation, I share new ways for you to be Your Authentic Self and enjoy greater personal and professional support. I help you USE every unpleasant experience and emotion that life presents, to your advantage.

A lot of what you see and hear will help you subtly and gently make positive life transitions, simply by gaining additional awareness. You begin to own your ability to become the fully empowered person you are destined to become.

Did you know there really is no such thing as a “negative emotion?” During the webinar, I help you more easily resolve inner conflicts between your emotions (right-brain oriented) and the hardwiring of your left brain. We are hardwired to judge ourselves harshly and to avoid certain emotions like fear, anger, sadness and regret. We are also programmed to judge the process of our lives.

This programming separates you from Your Authentic Self, but you can break free . . . and you can enjoy the process. When times are tough, you can trust the flawless precision of every event in your life. This webinar is a good place to begin because I also show you how to begin avoiding unnecessary resistance to change and struggle.

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