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Career Coaching Testimonials | Coaching By Doris


“Doris’ work is a must if you are seeking career happiness. If you are in transition and you want a proven, systematic approach, her method produces excellent results.”
Chad Boyd, Corporate Communications Manager, Intellinet, Atlanta, Georgia
“In my first 40 minutes with Doris, she helped me crack the code to confidence, success & joy! I am a huge fan of Doris’ coaching. Work with Doris & overcome YOUR roadblocks.”
Cathy Nielsen, consultant, Wa. state
“I was floundering in lack of career clarity, working way too hard, knowing I wanted to spend more time with family and friends but I had invested many years in my education and training. I couldn’t see my way out. If I stayed where I was, I would miss the early years of my children’s lives. If I changed careers, I’d be starting over. Doris helped me stop focusing on potential problems and shift my focus into the possibility of total career satisfaction. Once I changed my mindset and she led me through a step-by-step solution to my career dilemma, I knew exactly what to do. I’m so glad I took advantage of this opportunity to have all of what I wanted . . career AND personal satisfaction.”
J. Myers, attorney
“Doris, I can never thank you enough. Your work is so unique! I use the tools and techniques you gave me every day at work . . . and I FINALLY love my work!”
Kenneth Baker, Regional Manager, Cost Cutter, Inc.
“I got a promotion I’d wanted for a long time. Now, each day at work is more exciting.”
Jeanette Geirman, CPS, Shell Oil, Houston, TX
“I love it! I got tools that give me enthusiasm and endurance during tough times.”
Ana Holland, Manager, Costco, Washington state
“I built my dream job by working with Doris!”
Betty Lacker, Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
“Doris gave me so many wonderful new tools I use every day at work and I LOVE my career now!”
Mary Maulden, Executive Assistant, Ebsco, International
“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for helping me discover the success tools I now use. I am a better person for having known and worked with you. Thank you x 100!”
Kevin N. Jackson, Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc., Florida
“After only a few sessions with Doris, this will be my most successful year ever. Thank you!”