Testimonials about the Proven “Conquer Your Inner Critic” Program

Doris’ books and MP3 programs will help you master life!”
Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series
Doris’ books touch my heart. So many people are starved for happiness. Doris shares proven ways to create the life you want.
Michael Port, Bestselling Author, Book Yourself Solid
THIS IS A WONDERFUL BOOK & MP3 PROGRAM. You’ll love having so much essential information presented in a fun way. I also love the illustrations.”
Elizabeth Hendricks, Ph.D., Psychologist, Portland, Oregon
Wow! This book blew me away. This is so powerful. It’s like gold! If your inner critic bothers you, read this book and find out how YOUR mind works. I love all the different exercises you can do on your own. This book is so easy to read and understand. It’s amazing! Great work, Doris!
Adriana Nicholson, client of Dr. Helge's, Gallup, New Mexico
“Conquer Your Inner Critic is a practical guide you’ll use to overcome your fears and achieve anything you want to.  I couldn’t stop reading it! You’ll discover so many new ways to think about your inner critic! I used to think my inner critic was my enemy. Now I have a whole new mindset. Doris’ book gave me the courage to finish my most creative projects and do my bucket list. Thank you Doris!”
Christine Avers, client and life coach student of Dr. Doris, Columbus, Ohio
“Doris, I love your book! It’s so important to learn from and use the negative voice that lives inside all of us. You are filling in a huge missing piece in the puzzle of life. People have been struggling for so long. If you’ve wondered why affirmations and positive thinking don’t work for you, discover how to USE your negative thoughts in positive, empowering ways. Now you can live a happier, more successful life, too.”
Anell Tubbs, Reiki Master, Boise, Idaho
“Doris books are in a prominent place in my house. I’m always referring to them because they are packed with useful information. No matter how often I read Doris’ books, I always learn something new and see a situation in a different light.”
Edna Johnson, Audio Technician, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Gain instant positive results. Discover the magnificent possibilities awaiting your exploration. Learn how to cash in on your strengths. Dr. Doris’ books and MP3 programs are always fun and immensely useful. Use her books to build your confidence and escalate your success and happiness!”
Bill Uhl, winner of five gold medals for the U.S.
“This book and MP3 set, like all Doris’ programs, give you a magnificent guide to help YOU discover your personal power and choices. I wish I’d had this book and the recordings years ago when I was floundering in my fears and confusion. Nothing worked for me. Now, I have an amazing personal and professional support system . . . plus the income level I always wanted. You’ll also grow fast with this program because you’ll gain total freedom when you have a new way of looking at yourself and life. You’ll also love the fun illustrations.”
Kelly Matthews, Chicago, Illinois
“Without Doris’ latest book and MP3s, I’d never have understood that my desire to get rid of my inner critic has actually been making it much stronger. I love how Doris’ programs always make me see through the illusions that have been holding me back. If you want to be free of the chains that have been suppressing YOUR success and happiness, take advantage of what Doris is offering you. You’ll laugh hysterically about all the myths we’ve been taught and you’ll grow by leaps and bounds . . . easily and quickly. Give yourself this gift now. It’s the last self-help program you’ll ever need . . . and it’s the best!
Pat Keller, Mailboxes, Etc.



(c) 2011. Excerpted with permission from: Doris Helge, Ph.D. “Conquer Your Inner Critic,” Shimoda Publishing.
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