The LOA and Your Dating & Relationship Goals

Will the law of attraction (LOA) and goal setting goals work in dating and relationships? Can I meet the love of my life in 90 days? Is it possible to set a goal for something that may be driven by fate?

Dear Dr. Doris,

I read all this stuff about the law of attraction and setting goals and focusing on what you really want. Can I use this to set goals when it comes to dating? How can I meet the love of my life in 90 days? Is it possible to set a goal for something that seems so … well … fate driven? How would I do this?

Susan in Seattle

Dear Susan in Seattle,

It’s possible to meet your soul mate in 90 days, but delay tying the knot until you’ve been dating at least 18 months. We’re hardwired to rush blindly into infatuation. Most of us confuse chemical soup with lasting love. Three months isn’t enough time to shift your biology from hormone-driven infatuation to clarity. In fact, we’re genetically programmed to be blind to reality for months.

How can you set yourself up to meet your soul mate in 90 days and then consciously walk through every stage of creating a healthy relationship?

Develop an amazing relationship with yourself. This is the only guarantee that you’ll attract a mate who is whole and complete. You want someone who wants to share their life with you, not a needy person who expects you to make their day.

Make a firm commitment to be Your Authentic Self. If you wear a mask, trying to please a potential mate, your soul mate won’t be able to find you. You’ll attract a fake you can’t trust.

Hire a qualified relationship coach so you can enjoy this bold new adventure. You’ll short-circuit the tendency to get burned by chemical soup when someone flips your switch.

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To your relationship joy,

Dr. Doris
Your Relationship Coach
Doris Helge, Ph.D.

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