Career transition coaching for you . . .

Imagine work so enjoyable that it’s more like play than work.
Your talents are totally appreciated. You freely express yourself
and you’re richly rewarded for being Your Authentic Self.

“I highly recommend Dr. Helge’s coaching. I was unsure of my true career goals until working with Doris. Once we investigated my hidden internal conflicts, I approached my career with an intense passion I’d never before experienced. She has a well tested process worth exploring if you’re feeling burned out, confused, or you have a nagging inner voice saying “I want more out of life.”

S.R. Johnson

Johnson Mediation Services

Are YOU ready to enjoy a career that
feeds your pocketbook AND your heart?

Take advantage of this exciting
new approach to career transition.

As your Career Transition Coach, I lead you step-by-step through an exciting adventure of self-discovery. The proven system I use is dramatically different from traditional skills-based career development approaches. Old-school approaches may land a job consistent with your skills and experience but within months, you groan, “Something’s still missing.”


1. First, we identify your true calling. You are genetically programmed to do something unique and special while you are on Earth. You can do things no one else can do. This means the work you do eight or more hours a day can become a primary source of pleasure.

2. Once you’re clear about Your Authentic Life Purpose, you immediately begin to thrive in a bold new way. We explore work that is totally in tune with your special strengths, your specific interests and your genuine passion. During coaching, a series of enjoyable activities help you become the world’s leading expert on YOU. As your career transition coach, I help you uncover what is now hidden about your deepest passions and your life purpose because:

You’ll never truly be happy
until you’re doing what you
came to Earth to do.

3. We shine a spotlight on your strengths and skills. Right now, some of your strengths are masked as weaknesses. You discover buried treasure during coaching because your genuine strengths are revealed to you.

4. We also identify your core values. Pain at work is usually caused by a conflict between what you are doing and one of your values.


  • You’re contributing to a product or enterprise that isn’t important to you.
  • Your talents aren’t fully recognized or appreciated.
  • You’re not being challenged and supported to reach your peak performance in enjoyable, realistic ways.
  • Your job is consistent with your experience and training but it doesn’t match your personality, passion or life purpose.

5. As your Career Transition Coach, I help you discover what spontaneously motivates you to do your best work. This information empowers you. You gain unstoppable confidence. You enjoy sustained motivation. Your work seems effortless because you are continuously in the blissful state called “flow.” If you’ve ever been plagued by procrastination or perfectionism, you’ll be thrilled to watch them disappear like a feather in a windstorm.

6. Based on your new knowledge and your goals, we explore work environments that compliment your unique personality and needs. We design your ideal career with joy and ease. If you need any additional training or experience to create your dream career, we explore innovative, affordable ways to secure the resources you need . . . according to your personal timeline. If you choose to work for a company, I’ll coach you regarding your resume. I’ll help you master interviewing skills so you can negotiate the salary and position you want.


You gain a career aligned with your:

  • special strengths
  • optimal work style
  • core values
  • skills, talents & expertise
  • personality & temperament
  • innate motivators
  • preferences regarding your work environment
  • unique interests
  • work-life balance challenges
  • compensation requirements
  • genuine passion
  • personal responsibilities
  • geographic preferences
  • life purpose
  • needs for any specific benefits
  • teamwork/solo/entrepreneur/corporate criteria
  • requirements regarding relationships at work
  • “I can’t begin to express my gratitude for helping me discover the career success tools I now use. I am a better person for having known and worked with you. Thank you x100!”

    Kevin N. Jackson

    Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc., Florida

    You emerge from Career Transition Coaching
    with all the resources you need to do your best work.

    You become well compensated for being Your Authentic Self and sharing your special talents with a world that is hungry for your gifts. I help you lead with your strengths and manage your weaknesses. You gain all the additional skills, support and information you need.



    Doris Helge, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach & Mentor Coach, is author of bestselling books like “Joy on the Job,” “Transforming Pain Into Power” and “Conquer Your Inner Critic.” You may have seen Dr. Doris interviewed on CNN News, The Today Show, and NPR. In addition to serving as a corporate trainer for organizations as large as Microsoft, Doris has been on faculty at three universities and Executive Director of three national organizations.

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    “I built my dream job by working with Doris!”

    Betty Lacker

    Johnson & Johnson Inc.

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    © 2011. Doris Helge, Ph.D. Reprinted with permission from Doris Helge, Ph.D. (2007). “Joy on the Job — Over 365 Ways to Create the Joy and Fulfillment You Deserve.” See

    About Me

    Dr. Doris is a certified coach and mentor coach. She is also founder of the IAC-licensed coach training school, Confident Coach Connection. Doris previously served on faculty at three universities and directed national organizations. She has taught classes for four international coach training schools.

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