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Discover the secrets of getting what
you want and need . . . in ALL of your
personal and professional relationships!

“Transform a Painful Relationship
Into a Powerful Partnership”

Have you ever struggled with a conflict
with any of these people?

• a “difficult person”

• your boss, employee or a coworker

• your spouse, date, ex-partner or in-law

• a friend or neighbor

 All of us sometimes struggle with “difficult people.”
Most of us want to avoid “difficult conversations.”

Difficult people push our buttons because they have unrealistic expectations or demands. They deplete our energy. Some people are difficult because they don’t realize how important they are to us. Others take advantage of our desire to be in relationship with them.

When conflicts in our important relationships arise, tension escalates like an avalanche that wipes out everything in its path. All of a sudden, other parts of your life suffer and you face:

• Health problems

• Income roadblocks

• Low self-esteem

• Parenting errors

• Self-doubt

• Marriage/partnership unstable

• Work-life balance issues


How do most people deal with this kind of stress and conflict? Most people avoid “difficult conversations.” They turn the other cheek, make excuses or “go along to get along.”

Begin right now to step off the endless roller coaster of stress, conflict and sacrifice.

Take advantage of a proven program guaranteed to lead you to the harmony and peace you want. Start living the life you want. It’s easier than you might think.

Enjoy a proven teleclass series
guaranteed to produce the peaceful,
powerful partnerships you want.

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Master Your Life

“Dr. Doris’ work will help you master your life.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Use a safe haven to explore new possibilities

“Working with Doris is like taking a magic carpet ride. Sometimes when I peek over the edge, it’s breathtaking, but I never, ever feel as though I am going to fall. Rather, I sense the sprouting of buds that I’m fully convinced will develop into wings. With her sincere compassion and incredible intuition and insight, Doris provides a haven from which to explore potential and possibility. What a gift she is!”

Clare Seffrin Bond


GuyWomanSmileBigFace2Face41862235-300x199Relationships don’t have to be a challenge and stress isn’t a “fact” of life. Conflict and disagreement are normal experiences in relationships. They become problematic when one or more people don’t know how to maturely express their feelings or communicate what they want.

When you work with Dr. Doris, you immediately begin to . . .

Enjoy a personal and professional life packed with passion, power and purpose.

• Create the loving, supportive relationships you deserve.

Stop settling for less than you want and deserve.

Let go of people pleasing or being a doormat.

Reduce your stress level by learning how to set and keep healthy boundaries.

• Set up a win-win environment in which your needs are met.

• Discover the three magic keys for creating relationships that grow as you change.

• Practice easy new communication tools guaranteed to build trust, respect and intimacy.

Learn to stop arguing just because you and your partner are different.

• Discover how men and women can enjoy relationship harmony even when we approach life from opposite ways.

Stop fighting over money, religious beliefs and normal differences of opinion.

• We guarantee you’ll depart from each teleclass with a beautiful new sense of yourself and a stronger realization of how much you deserve to be loved, respected and admired for being 100% YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF!

Transform Your Relationship Pain
Into Peace And Personal Power now!

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Gain new confidence, success and joy

“Have you ever wondered what Your Very Best Self would look like? In my first 40 minutes with Doris, she helped me confidently move forward and crack the code to more success and joy! I am a huge fan of Doris’ Helge’s coaching and success classes. What better investment can we make in our lives than to discover our inner-most desires and overcome the roadblocks that keep us from achieving them?”

Cathy Nielsen

Area Manager & Independent Consultant, www.SimplyNatural.MyArbonne.com


doris-helgeYour class instructor is award-winning Master Coach Doris Helge, Ph.D. She has a unique intuitive ability to perceive the hidden core of what’s blocking your relationship success and happiness. You may have seen Doris — “Your Relationship Success Coach” interviewed on “The Today Show.” Doris is author of bestselling books like “Transforming Pain Into Power,” “Joy on the Job,” “Conquer Your Inner Critic” and “Difficult People Solutions.”

Do you want easier, more supportive, loving relationships? With Doris’ help and respect for perfect timing, you’ll release your “relationship joy blocks” with gentleness and love . . . and your work with Doris is fun!


  • You’ll receive four, one-hour “Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership” classes a month.
  • You’ll be supported by an abundance of pdf and mp3 resources that I provide you.
  • You may choose to connect with interested classmates in between sessions.
  • You can remain in the class as many months as you choose at the exclusive, one-time only, Special Discounted Rate I’m offering.
  • Because the class is experiential and you and your classmates enjoy practicing the proven Powerful Partnership Discovery Exercises in between classes, some students take advantage of this special group coaching for six for months or more. As you can see in testimonials, they have so much fun mastering more and more advanced material about turning painful relationships into powerful partnerships that they choose to stay connected with me and their peers.
  • If you communicate your specific concerns in between classes, I’ll design new content and exercises just for you. I’ll also save time to answer your questions at the end of each class.
  • This Special Discounted price is exclusive and a limited-in-time offer. Take advantage of this bargain now so you can gain the inner peace and personal empowerment you want.


Your class is provided on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. Sign up even if you cannot attend at that time because you’ll always receive all class materials and recordings. This class is unique and special. You can attend from any location you prefer. You’ll listen to the class by calling a telephone bridgeline. If you cannot attend on a class date, you’ll still receive all “Secrets of Rewarding Relationships Guides & Worksheets”, plus recordings of every class. You learn even more with this special format because you can listen to what we discuss over and over, any time, in private and at your convenience.

Take advantage of fun, unique techniques not available anywhere else

“Doris thoughtfully, sensitively and inventively sculpts every teleclass for her students. Each class is filled with opportunities to learn more about yourself and work on your personal and professional relationships. Every week, students receive a relevant set of tools, handouts and audio recordings. Doris employs interesting, engaging, fun and unique techniques not available anywhere else. You also receive extra support by email. Doris answers questions promptly. The personal attention and class interaction one receives is such a unique and and worthwhile benefit that Doris consistently delivers. This is why I much prefer her materials to any pre-recorded or packaged programs I’ve found.”

Edna Johnson

Technician, University of British Columbia, Canada

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“Transform a Painful Relationship Into a Powerful Partnership”

iStock_000016596262XSmall-300x199Please join us so you can enjoy a totally unique teleclass series that we guarantee will instantly reduce your stress. You’ll gain so much relief when you explore your personal power. Communication will be easier. You’ll gain more support in ALL of your relationships.


Are you ready to create the life you really want?
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About Me

Dr. Doris is a certified coach and mentor coach. She is also founder of the IAC-licensed coach training school, Confident Coach Connection. Doris previously served on faculty at three universities and directed national organizations. She has taught classes for four international coach training schools.

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