by Doris Helge, Ph.D. (c) 2011

There are thousands of coaches in the world. How will you discover the one special, certified coach who can help you deliver your dreams to your doorstep?

Choose your coach carefully. Most clients work with their coach a minimum of six months. You can see why it’s so important that you feel comfortable, understood and validated. It takes time to become aware of and reverse thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are holding you back. Select a certified coach you’ll enjoy talking to on a regular basis. Trust is essential to your happiness and success. Most clients share far more with their coaches than their best friends or families!

Ask your potential coach to provide a complimentary consultation so both of you can decide if you’re a match for each other. If you aren’t, your coach will be happy to refer you to someone who can better assist you.

You want to make sure your coach knows how to challenge you in ways that graduate you from your existing comfort zone . . . at your perfect pace. Ask your prospective coach about their level of training and experience. What certifications have they received? How will you know the coach you’re considering truly understands your life path?


When you’ve gained all of the information you need, ask your intuition to point you to the right coach. You’ll instinctively know who you want to work with. If you’re feeling conflicted about choosing between two coaches, use the exercise below to gain clarity from your inner guidance.

• Write the names of each coach you’re considering hiring on a sheet of paper, one name per column. When you’re doing this exercise, think about only one coach at a time.
• Close your eyes and imagine working for several months with the coach you’re considering. Notice your first impressions. Then open your eyes and record your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
• Since your body is a key resource for accessing your intuition, use this precious tool. When you think about working with the coach you’re thinking about, check into your heart and you gut. Do you feel:
o warm and supported?
o apprehensive?
o neutral?
o eager to get started with this coach?
• Be sure to record any questions or challenges that emerge when you think about selecting the coach you’re thinking about. A coach with high integrity will be happy to answer all of your questions.
• If you want to consider another coach, move your body around so you can let go of the energy of considering the last coach you had in mind. Then consider your next potential coach with a clear mind.
• Repeat the process until you’ve considered each possible coach.
• Compare your notes. Which coach feels like the best person to support you as you create the life you really want to create? Who asked the most provocative questions about your stuck spots in a total non-judgmental manner?
• If you’re still not clear, interview another coach or take a break from the process after asking yourself out loud, “I wonder which coach will be the most helpful to me at this time of my life. Which coach truly understands me, my needs and my dreams?”
• Your mind will search for the answer while you go about your life, so trust the process and your inner guidance.

When you’re ready to give yourself the amazing gifts you gain when you sign up for coaching with a professional coach, enjoy the rich rewards of coaching. It’s a proven process. Your return of investment (ROI) when you hire a certified coach is fully described in another article, “Proof that coaching is an excellent investment . . . What is your return on investment when you hire the right coach for you?”

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